Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amanda & Eli's Visit (Day Three & Four)

Day three of Manna and Eli's visit was Jonah's 5th birthday party.  So, the morning was pretty much a blur of getting everything ready, the car packed and all of us out the door.  You've already seen a few of the pictures from the party and I'll post more of those later.  But, that is how our morning and afternoon was spent. The boys were really tired but it was too late for a nap.  So, rather than napping and ruining their night of sleep, Manna got in the pool with them while I unloaded the car and put birthday party stuff away.

Jonah decided to keep his life jacket on.  He wanted to "float instead of swim because it isn't as tiring!" They both enjoyed "fishing" with the Spiderman fishing pole that Greg and Cindy gave Jonah for his 3rd birthday. 

We opted not to open gifts at Jonah's party for a few reason.  The first being that I told lots of people not to bring gifts.  Also, when you have a party full of fun and excitement, who wants to quit playing long enough to sit and watch someone open gifts.  And, the majority of parties we have been to here have not opened gifts.  So, it was just the easiest thing to do.

When the boys got out of the pool and then bath, we told Jonah to go pick a few presents to open.  Eli was happy to help him open gifts and then play with them.
Look at that face!  Think he liked this gift?
Eli really knows nothing about Star Wars but doesn't he seem happy to open this Star Wars gift?  Makes me laugh to see how excited he was.  (Ignore the geek in the back!)

Manna brought Micah a book so Dan read it to him that night.  It didn't take Jonah and Eli long to join in on the fun of the most hyper bedtime story EVER!

We got up Sunday morning and left for church around 8:30 a.m.  We took Jonah to his class then took Eli and Micah to the nursery.  Eli marched right into that room and never looked back.  He saw the cars they were playing with and it was all he needed to have fun.  Amanda went to my Sunday School class with me and got to see why I love it so much.  We had around 30 there that morning and had a great time with lots of laughter and a great lesson by Dave.  We got Jonah from his class and then went to the second service.  It was fun to be in church with her again. 

After church, we were going to grab something from the drive-thru then take the boys home to play all afternoon since Dan had meetings the rest of the day.  But, as we were driving, Amanda asked how far Daytona was since she wanted Chipotle.  We were already on International Speedway so we headed that way.  But, not until we stopped at Skydive DeLand so she and Eli could see people jumping from airplanes. 

We stopped at Chipotle for lunch only to discover a long line and no empty tables.  So we went to Panera Bread instead.  We ran into a few church members there.  We all had a yummy lunch then headed to the beach.  We weren't dressed to "do" the beach but Amanda wanted to see a drive on beach.  So, we drove for a while on the beach then got off and headed south to Ponce Inlet. 

We pulled onto the beach again so she could take a few lighthouse pictures.  Then we got stuck.  STUCK.  I've been to the beach so many times since we moved here but I've never gotten stuck in the sand.  Several men had to come to our rescue.  It was quite hilarious. 

We drove around to the light house and Amanda discovered you could go up in it.  Climbing a lighthouse is on her bucket list so we pulled in and made that happen.  I had to stay down with Micah since you can't carry and kids up.  They must walk on their own in order to go up the lighthouse.  She took both boys with her.  I wasn't sure lazy bones Jonah would make it but she said he did great. 

After a fun afternoon in Daytona, Ponce Inlet and Port Orange, we headed back to our house.  Jonah wanted to open another present.  I wanted it to be something he and Eli could do together so I grabbed the box my brother and Emily sent him.  He opened it to find an Imaginext Space Shuttle.  HE. LOVED. IT!!!  And, so did Eli.  So much so that several Imaginext toys are now on his birthday list.  He played with those things for hours. 

Jonah and Eli were happy to take pictures together but we didn't have any of Micah and Eli.  We tried that several times.  Eli was never too happy about that.  He was much more interested in Jonah than Micah. 

After playing together for a while, we pulled out one of the "I Can Do That Games" that we knew Eli could play too.  He is a little young for board games still but these he can do.  And, HE LOVED IT.  (These also got added to his birthday list)  The first one was the Curious George Zoo game.  It involved a rousing game of hide and seen where animals get loose in the zoo.  (Thus, the masks!)  Only four people could play so we put Micah in baby jail (see him in there?) and I helped Eli.  They had a blast.  (Dan and Manna seemed to like it just as much?!?!)

While they were at the board playing, I grabbed Micah and held him some so he could be part of the fun.  He could have joined them if only he didn't want to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  The little boys weren't too fond of that!!

Manna took him from me then took him with her when she was hiding the next time.  He thought that was pretty hilarious. 

We played another "I Can Do That Game" and then it was time for bed again.  The boys were tired from another full day and the parents were pretty exhausted too. 
Jonah wanted Dan to read the same story to them again because it was so fun from the night before.  I took pictures again but somehow put ones from the night before in this part rather than the right ones.  Oh well, they are different so I'll just leave them.

We had another couple of good days with our friends.  Our boys loved each other so much and we laughed more than I can express.  We were not in bed until around 1 a.m. the whole time Amanda was here.  We relived memories from years past, laughed until we cried, told lots of stories and had so much fun!  It was just too hard to go to bed with all of that happening.  

Stay tuned for our last day with them.  More to come...

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