Monday, July 25, 2011

Amanda & Eli's Visit (Day One & Two)

See that smiling little boy?  Well, he was probably smiling because his mommy told him all about his new friend that was coming on an airplane to meet him.  Little Micah had heard a lot about Manna and Eli and he was so happy he was finally getting to meet him. 

And Eli?  Well, he was excited about flying on an airplane all the way to Florida with his mommy. 

The boys and I picked Manna and Eli up at the airport then stopped for a late lunch at Chickfila.  I don't have any pictures from that but I do have stories.  I won't go into great detail but I will say that some parents have totally different parenting values than I do and that is okay but when your kid has poop falling out of their pants onto the floor and slide, it might be time to leave.  Since they didn't leave, we did!  (Sue is hyperventilating somewhere right now!!)

We gathered our kiddos and rushed out the door and went straight to Downtown Disney.  Eli LOVES Cars and Toy Story right now so he was thrilled when we walked in to discover leather Woody hats.  He and Jonah both put one on for a picture.  Jonah didn't want to give his back.  He wore it all of our time in World of Disney.  If I wanted a picture without the hat, I had to ask him to take it off.  Looking back, I should have bought the hat for him because he loved it so much. 

Eli immediately focused in on the light spinners.  He had a hard time deciding between a CARS spinner and TOY STORY spinner.  His Zue-Zue sent money for him to spend and he quickly decided that was what he would spend it on.  He loved it. (Well, until we went into another store and he saw a Buzz Spinner again and traded for it.)

We stood at those spinners for a LONG time letting the two boys play with the spinners.  Why people spend money on days at Disney when they could just go play with these things is beyond me.  ;-)
Micah just hung out in his stroller and let the two big boys entertain him.  He thought they were hilarious. He watched every move they made. 

Amanda found this hat and put it on Jonah.  The look was his exact feeling.  Cracks me up. 

We went outside and walked towards T-Rex so the boys could see the dinosaur.  We have eaten there with Jonah several times and he is always impressed with the dinosaurs.  He loves the big one outside. 

Eli asked for some coins to throw in the fountain so Amanda gave him one.  She gave one to Jonah too and he looked at her like she had lost her mind.  She told him he could throw it in the fountain.  He was totally stressed out with this idea.  He could not figure out why you would throw money in the water when you could take it home and put in your piggy bank???  Amanda kept telling him it was just a penny but that didn't matter to him.  Please notice his face in the second picture.  He finally gave in and threw it but was very reluctant. 

The boys loved playing in the dino dig area outside of T-Rex.  In all of our times at Downtown Disney, we had never been in there but that might be a new stop for us when we are there. 

We all enjoyed seeing the various LEGO creations.  And, seeing little Eli when he spotted Woody and Buzz was just precious.  Just look at his face when he first saw Woody.  He was in awe!

After a long and full day for all three boys, we ended the night with a bath, story time and bedtime.  Those boys needed sleep because the next morning was a trip to the beach!
We got up Friday morning and headed over to New Smyrna Beach.  This was Eli's first time to see the Atlantic ocean and his second trip to the beach.  He was too impressed with the sand to look up for a picture.  (Some of these pictures are out of order since I'm using pictures from my camera and Amanda's camera.)

As you can see, these little boys were READY for a fun day in the sun.  They could hardly wait to get to the beach. 

Jonah wanted to wear his life jacket for some reason.  He said it would keep him from going under too long.  I was actually a little relieved to hear that since the rip currents were so strong.  I didn't know that until I got back from a trip to the beach earlier in the week.  (That post is still to come)

Somehow the very first picture ended up as the last but I'm too tired to fix it.  It is almost midnight and I have to be up in 6 hours to take Amanda and Eli back to the airport.  (sniff sniff)
After the boys got home from the beach, they spent lots of time playing in Jonah's room.  Micah wanted to play with the so bad.  So, I took him in there and we sat on the bed to watch.  He quickly made friends with Amanda because she was closer to the action.  Well, that and he just really likes her!

The boys ended the night with story time with Amanda in her bed.  They loved reading together and then playing dinosaurs and volcanoes.  Thanks to Amanda, I'm gonna have to start being a volcano every night before bedtime.  :-)


Anonymous said...

This post makes me soooo happy - to see those three little boys together and having so much fun makes my heart smile, but I'm crying, of course! I just wish they were going to grow up living closer to one another. Sweet, sweet pics...thanks for sharing and for loving my little Eli. Love and kisses to you all~

Barb said...

I was at Downtown Disney at the same time you were - would have been fun to run into yall. Oh well, glad you had a good visit with your friends. Thanks for sending the pics of our day at the beach.


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