Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our little beach vacation

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in because if you look at all of these pictures and read all of the words, you will be here a long time.  We had a nice little beach vacation and rather than breaking the post up into different days, I'm giving it to you all at once.  So, here goes...
Back at the end of May/first of June, our family was blessed by some friends with the use of their condo on the beach.  They offered it to us for a few days then realized they didn't have renters for the first two weeks of June so let us stay the entire time.  The condo is only 23 miles from our house so Dan just kept working while the boys and I "vacationed."
Due to obligations at the church, Dan wasn't going to be able to join us until a few days into our time there.  So, Miss Mandy met us on our way down and followed us there to hang out with us.  Unfortunately, it rained our first day there so we spent lots of time inside. 
Late in the afternoon, it quit raining so we loaded the boys into the wagon and took off around the resort to check things out.  We even let Micah have his first glimpse of the beach.

After our stroll around the resort, we realized the sun was finally peeking through so we went back to the room to change clothes so we could head to the pool. 

I'm so glad Mandy was there to help me.  Getting two boys and all the gear downstairs alone would have been more than difficult.  She was a huge help to me and my boys love her so much so it was a win/win.  (Oh, and I love her too!)  :-)

After some time at the pool. we decided to hit the beach for a little while.  There was no one out there so we had free reign. I wanted a few pictures of the boys together since it was Micah's first time there but Jonah was WAY more interested in going to play than he was in posing for pictures for his momma!

He finally jumped up to go play in the waves and poor Micah just toppled over.  This began his dislike of the beach.  It didn't get much better from this point. 

We decided Micah's mood would improve at the pool so we headed back that way.  We were right.  He had a blast in that water.  I'm sure happy I have a water baby. 

The time at the beach and pool WORE this little boy out.  He was dead tired.  After his bath, he grabbed Lammy and his Elmo blanket and vegged out on the couch.  Micah slept over four hours.  It was very apparent that water wears my boys out!

After a rest time, we pulled out some of the fun crafts I brought.  Jonah started with paper plate crafts.  It was poor planning on my part to not factor in the wind from the ocean while doing crafts on the balcony.  It made the crafts quite difficult. 

After struggling to keep the wind from blowing everything away, we decided to forgo plans of crafting on the balcony and just go for ice cream instead.  The boys were already in pajamas but loaded them up anyway and headed out.  Nothing like breaking the norms when you are on vacation. 

This is the view looking straight off of our balcony. 
This is the view looking to the left.  And, if you sit in the chairs, this is the direction you face. 
I included this picture just because I'm amazed by it.  The zoom on my camera is INCREDIBLE.  When I was taking the above picture, I noticed two boats out in the water.  They were a LONG way off.  You can't even see them in the picture above.  But, when I zoomed in, look how close it brought them.  That zoom amazes me. 

This was our view from the front door of the condo.  The picture after this one is the view with the zoom at 1/4 capacity. 

After Mandy left the next day, I decided to be brave and take both boys to the pool by myself.  (I'm tired all over again just thinking about it as I blog about it!)  I wish I had thought to take Micah's raft in order to free my hands but I didn't.  Oh well, live and learn.  Before we headed downstairs, I took a few pictures of the boys.  I had no plans to take my phone or camera with me so I need to document the day before heading out. 

Int he midst of our time by the pool, Micah got very sleepy but Jonah was in full play mode.  I had no idea what to do.  Micah does not nap well in your arms and there was no shade except under the eaves of the cabana.  I needed to take him in for a nap but Jonah was playing with several friends and I hated to ruin his fun.  So, I put his wagon in the small amount of shade and put all the towels out then laid him down.  I patted his back and gently shook the wagon until he fell asleep.  Would you believe that baby slept for over two hours??  I tried to recreate the moment when we got back to our condo (so I could take a picture) but he was not having any part of that. 

Jonah went to his room to change clothes then I noticed him on the balcony wearing nothing but his Grover Undies.  Hee hee!
We decided to work on the paper plate crafts more but we got smart and did it inside instead.  That was much easier than battling the wind.  Even Micah enjoyed watching his big brother "work."

We spent one day on the beach with our friends, The West family.  You've seen them in several blog posts because their little boy Miller and Micah are best friends!  Seriously, they are!  That sounds funny to say about a 7 month old and 9 month old, but those boys love each other.  They smile and grin and giggle when they see each other.  And they "talk" to each other like there is something on their minds.  Love it.  So, I was super excited about them coming over.

Jonah spent the morning helping his daddy take things down to our tent.  After all the trips there and back, I'm not so sure a beach trip is an actual vacation.  That is a lot of work to get everything ready. 

We took a little inflatable pool for Micah and Miller to play in.  That was the highlight of Micah's day.  The sand was not.  He WAS NOT A FAN of the sand. 

Jonah, on the other hand, LOVED every minute.  He played his little heart out.  He jumped waves.  He played in the sand.  He giggled.  He swam.  He loved it. 

Don't let the next picture fool you.  I happened to catch a smile.  It did not come natural. 

I love the next picture of the two daddies playing with their baby boys in the water.  Aja and I both married good men who love their boys.  We are so blessed. 

I know this next picture is dark but I had to include it because of Jonah's shirt.  (And I'm not sure how it ended up here because it is out of order, but anyway)  It says SHARK PATROL.  Jeff and Cathi gave Jonah this swimsuit and shirt for his birthday last year.  I thought it was somewhat ironic that he was wearing a SHARK PATROL shirt right before heading out to New Smyrna Beach, the world's shark bite capital!

Holder, Miller's older brother, loved the beach as much as Jonah.  He and Jonah could spend long days on the beach together.  I'm just hopeful that Aja will take them since Dave and Dan both hate the beach. 

Max joined us at the beach for a few days of our time there.  Pets aren't really allowed but since we weren't official renters, but guests of the owners, we were allowed to take him.  He had his fair share of Prozac in order to keep him calm.  Although, it didn't really work.  That dog was so stressed and so yappy. 
We (meaning Dan) finally got Micah to go to sleep.  He didn't sleep long but it did help him for a little bit.  Poor guy.  He could go the rest of his life without ever seeing sand again.  I'm just glad the little cranky boy got a little rest on his miserable day. 

Dan and Jonah went hunting for Jellyfish and caught twelve in their net.  Dan looked them up after we got home and these are the non stinging kind.  (Nothing like checking that out AFTER you let your 4 year old catch them!)  After they caught them all, Jonah got busy burying them in the sand. 

It was a long but super fun day.  It was a fun day with our family and a fun day with our friends.  We feel so very blessed by the people God has placed in our lives.  Our boys have friends they love and we have people "doing life" with us.  Days like this remind us just how fortunate we are to be blessed with people like Dave and Aja.

During our time at NSB, we ate a local favorite, Boston's Fish House.  We still haven't found "THE" place for seafood around here.  But, it was good. 

I could show you many more pictures except this is all I have.  We spent lots of time doing crafts, snuggling with our boys, sitting on the balcony, trying different restaurants, swimming and watching movies.  It was a great time for our family even though Dan had to work during the day.  Sometimes, a change of scenery, even just 23 miles away, can give you a fresh outlook on life.  And, it reminds you just how great your life is. 


Aja said...

I have such fun memories of that day, even though poor Micah was a mess. Lots of laughs that day and Holder still talks about Mr. Dan and Jonah catching jellyfish.

Barb said...

1. Those boys are just too precious!
2. NSB is shark-bite capital? Yikes! Not so sure about venturing into that water next month!
3. We've got to convince Micah that the beach is a good thing... and quickly. :)


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