Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Being at the beach is allowing me to catch up on some blogging.  So, don't be surprised to see lots of posts from the past couple of months.  I'll start with Mother's Day but one goes all the way back to Easter.  All the pictures have been uploaded but this is my first chance to sit and blog about them.  So, rewind your clock back to Mother's Day and pretend I'm not a month behind!  :-)

Mother's Day used to be a day I dreaded. It is a day with terrible memories of wanting a baby so bad but knowing that might never happen.  Or, of the day I walked up to church and a man yelled "Happy Mother's Day" and as I forced a smile to say "Thank You" he yelled "Not you, you don't count.  I was talking to them!"  Or the year that our Russian Adoption process ended just the weekend before and I cried non-stop for 48 hours.  All of those are such fresh memories that make me appreciate the title "Mother" even so much more. 

So, when Mother's Day rolls around each May, I treasure the day.  This year brought a different dynamic since little Micah has now joined our family.  Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I have TWO boys who call me mom.  Well, actually only one of them call me mom.  The other just kind of grunts at me now but I know the day is coming that I'll hear those sweet little lips says "Ma-Ma!"

On Saturday afternoon, Jonah called me to the back porch to show me my "surprise!"  There on the table was a beautiful masterpiece painted by my favorite four year old artist.  There were also cards and lots of handmade gifts from school, mission friends and Sunday School. 

Even Max got in on the action.  It seems Dan got super brave and put his paws in paint so he could mark a card for me too. 
Then, I opened a card from Micah that had his hand and foot prints too.  Dan must love me more than I love him because I don't think I'd ever brave paint with a dog and 6-month old!!!
We tried to take a picture of me holding Jonah's painting and him.  But, someone decided to eat the painted paper instead!  He got paint all over his face. 

After a sweet time outside with my family, we started the bedtime routine so we could be ready for church the next morning.  Micah was fine with this because he got to play in the tub.  HE LOVES A BATH!

I stopped long enough in the nursery to take a few pictures with the boys that gave me the title of Mom. 

We had a WONDERFUL steak lunch over at a friends house.  Jonah got to drive the John Deere Gator after lunch and loved it.  He would have stayed there all afternoon but a certain momma wanted a nap on her special day!!!

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Penny said...

Joy out of ashes! :)
I can't believe that a man said you didn't count on Mother's Day~ everyone counts on Mother's Day! Whether you have children or not, you still made someone else a MOM! I hope he wasn't trying to be insensitive or cruel, most people talk before they think~ I've been guilty of that, too. Still made me sad for you when I read that. I've got three girls and each happened easily. I'm sure I took it for granted when I was 19 (with the first), but watching my cousin struggle with infertility and then hearing about/meeting so many others changed all that. I count my blessings that it was "easy" (maybe, too easy) for me to have my daughters. I also think the struggle, for people like you, makes you a more aware mom from day one. You just "get" what a blessing they are and never take a moment for granted. :)
BTW Obviously having BOYS is difficult (IMPOSSIBLE) for me, hence the all girl household. It's not just me, though. My dad had three girls, his sister had two, each brother has two and only one of them has one lone boy. Then, the next generation~ 20 something girls and TWO boys so far. Leon is the first one in his generation~ and the one behind him is due in July? GIRL! LOL Enjoy your little guys!!! They would be ROTTEN in our family! :)
We had to wait for grands to get a male child (like you'll have to do for that girl), but so far we are 50-50 with those. (5 of each) :)


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