Monday, June 20, 2011

More firsts...

Just a couple of weeks ago, Micah got to sit in a restaurant high chair for the very first time.  We weren't planning it and didn't even realize he was ready for it so I didn't have the seat cover.  But, when he refused to stay in his baby carrier, we knew we had to transition him so we could finish our meal.  I was so distraught about not having him high chair cover but had to get over that quickly.  That boy wanted to be upright and in on the action.  Jonah was probably 2 years old before I ever let him sit in an uncovered public high chair and Micah's first time was with out a cover.  I'm SUCH a second time mom!!!

He also got to try a cracker for the first time that day at Red Lobster.  He quickly had it taken away for taking too big of bites but he did get to have a little fun before the mean mommy intervened. 


Anonymous said...

I am apalled!!!

Beppa said...

The previous comment was obviously from zoo zoo!!


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