Friday, June 17, 2011

Just another summer day

Last week, I dropped Micah off with our friends and then Jonah and I headed to the movie theater for one of the summer movies.  I hope to do this with him each week because he loved it so much.  I might even attempt to take Micah with us since there were other babies there.  Jonah loved the movie and loved seeing friends from church there.  We sat with them and he was more than happy to tell them every thing he knew about the movie right before it actually happened.  There is a high probability that they won't want to sit with us again.  :-)
After we left the theater, we had lunch then headed back to the Gmitro's house to get Micah.  Jonah didn't know we also had plans to meet the new pig, Pumba.  He was excited about seeing him and feeding him. 

After feeding Pumba and asking tons of questions about him, we moved over to the blueberry bushes to pick some blueberries.  Jonah loves blueberry pancakes so he was excited about picking fresh blueberries so we could make pancakes. 

And, what does a little boy do after playing with a pig and picking blueberries?  Well, swim, of course!  He loves to swim and loves even more swimming in different pools.  So, he and David had a LARGE time swimming together.  Micah even got in the pool for a while.  While we were ALL exhausted after the day, but it was a fun time with friends and my little guys!

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