Friday, June 24, 2011

Colton is here!

On June 10th, little Colton Jeffrey Robinson made his entrance into our world.  We are so excited about this new little life.  So, Micah and Jonah were really excited about meeting him.  Dan and I were at the hospital when he was born and I got to take all the pictures.  But, the boys (especially Jonah) could hardly wait to see him.  So, when he was less than a week old, we headed over to see him.  We took a few pictures of the boys together.  They will see LOTS of each other over the years so they need to learn to love each other. 

Micah looks like a giant next to Colton.  It is so odd to think that because of their birthdays, they will actually be in the same grade at school.  Colton is only 7 months younger than Micah but for now, the size difference is so obvious.  But, just so you know, I HAVE seen Colton eat and if he doesn't slow down soon, he might just pass Micah.  ;-)

Yep, I think these two boys might just be the best of friends.  And, lucky for Micah, Colton's daddy hunts and fishes.  So, if Micah ever wants to be all boy, then having Colton as his friend will come in handy. 

Welcome to our world, little Colton!  The Glenn family loves you already!

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