Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A blog post from Jonah

Jonah wanted to do another blog post today.  Keep in mind, I type exactly what he says as he says it.  So, here goes...

Jonah loves everybody in Mississippi and Vidalia.  Jonah loves his friends in Florida too.  Jonah loves Playdoh.  Mommy, some of my playdoh is dried out but I still have playdoh that is not dry.  Okay?  Wait, don't write that.  I want that to be for us.  Okay?  Micah loves his brother.  Hmm...  Jonah loves MiMi and MaMaw and Gigi and Zoo-Zoo and I can't tell you all the names of people I love.  There are a lot.  What are you typing Mommy?  When after this message is done, we will send it to all the people so they can read it because they will love it.  I've been watching TV and eating my breakfast.  The best breakfast I have ever had is fruit loops except that Pops made gooder breakfast.  Why didn't I have Fruit Loops today?  Max is crazy.  Max is black.  I like swimming and it is fun but I have to have an earplug because I have an ear ache.  My ear doesn't hurt but there is a hole in there.  Do you remember that?  You should remember that.  I have a hole in my ear.  School is fun.  I'm going to a new school and I will have new friends.  And a new lunchbox.  Mommy, what's for lunch?  I'm hungry!

Me:  Jonah, you need to go blow your nose.

Well, I blew it yesterday.  Why do I have to blow my nose when you tell me to?  I don't like doing things with my nose when you tell me to. Can we find an old picture of me to show all the peoples?

I am a baby in that picture.  I have a white shirt on.  Ok, I don't want to do this anymore.  But, I want one more word.  When I am sick, God helps me feel better.  That is my last word.  Tell everybody what I said now, okay. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Jonah,
I loved your blog post today! Hearing how you are and what you are doing makes my heart happy. I miss you and love you so much. Give Micah a big hug for me.
Zoo Zoo

Penny said...

Jonah, you are TOO smart and TOO funny! Thanks for making me laugh today. :)
Mrs. Penny

You need to stop telling that boy what to do with his own nose! Just kidding! That was hilarious! :)


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