Monday, May 16, 2011

A sick baby and a happy anniversary

Dan likes all kinds of music.  His Ipod has every imaginable genre of music.  Except Rap.  He doesn't like Rap.  I've always known he loved Bon Jovi.  But, I didn't realize the depth of that love until he announced it to the entire church in a sermon.  I figure if a preacher will publicly profess his love of a rock band, then it must be a genuine love.  A couple of weeks after that announcement, I got an E-mail from Ticketmaster with a Presale code for Bon Jovi tickets.  

I was immediately intrigued.  The concert was the date of our 12th Anniversary.  I am not a Bon Jovi fan so I knew that would be a gift of total love and not at all self serving.  The only problem was that I would have to use the money we had been saving to buy WICKED tickets.  There was no way we could do both.  I called on of our friends from Vidalia who is a lover of all things Broadway.  She has encouraged us for years to go see Wicked.  I told her my dilemma.  She didn't hesitate at all.  She said, "You can always see Wicked.  You can't always do something like this for Dan. Surprise him with the tickets!"  (Dan thanks you, Beppa!)  

So, I made the plunge.  I bought two tickets to Bon Jovi using the money we had set aside for Wicked Tickets.  I was a little nervous because I knew how badly he wanted to see Wicked.  It was a gamble for sure.  But, knowing his love of Bon Jovi, I took the jump.  I ordered the tickets, printed them and waited for him to get home.  In the mean time, I called my friend Denise for reassurance.  

It just so happened to be Valentine's Day.  He walked in the door and I told him I had a gift for him.  If you know us well, you know that we aren't really holiday gift givers.  We never buy gifts just because it is a holiday.  We tend to buy things we want/need throughout the year so when special occasions roll around, we just celebrate the day.  There have been times, (like this) where one of us knew something the other really wanted so we surprised them with it.  But, typically, we just do cards.  (Although, if it is a holiday where the kids are involved like Christmas, Mother's & Father's Day and Birthdays) we do take them shopping to buy something from them.  We want them to learn to honor special people in their lives.

Anyway, he sat down and I gave him the gift.  HE. WAS. BLOWN. AWAY!  He didn't even know Bon Jovi was coming in concert.  He was so surprised and oh so excited!  He was even okay about Wicked.  He was sad for me because he knew I wanted to see Wicked and didn't care about Bon Jovi.  But, most of all, he was just thrilled.  I was so happy!  Happy to surprise him.  Happy to see him so excited.  Happy to feel like I made the right decision.

Three months and one day passed and it was finally the big day!  Our babysitter was set to be at the house at 4:30 p.m.  We were going to dinner then to the concert.  Micah started getting sick the day before so I kept him home from church that morning.  I was bummed to miss Sunday School and Church but knew he couldn't be in nursery.  While he was sick, he wasn't bad and actually had a great day.  Dan fed him around 4:00 and he quickly went down hill.  He started gagging and choking when trying to breath.  He was coughing so bad he couldn't catch his breath.  Seriously, He went down hill quick.  

I looked at Dan and said "Should we leave him?"  Dan said he wasn't sure but we should watch him for a few minutes to see.  I continued to get ready and he seemed to be okay.  We laid him on the bed while we put some clothes away in Jonah's room.  He was really struggling by then.  I told Dan I didn't want to be the one to make the call not to go because he knew I didn't have any interest in going so it would seem like I was trying to get out of going.  He said he didn't want to make the call to go because I knew he really wanted to go and it would look like that trumped a sick child.  Besides, we didn't really know how sick he was.  Was it just coughing?

I went to our room to call my neighbor to see if she could be stand by for our babysitter in case Micah got worse.  I was very uneasy about leaving him though.  I went back to tell Dan that Kelly said she could help if needed and when I walked in, he said "We can't go.  He is sick.  We need to take him to the doctor!"  (WHEW!!!  Glad he made the decision!)  It was just minutes before Mandy, our sitter was to arrive so we decided to let her come on and just stay with Jonah.  (He would have been devastated if she didn't come!)

I looked at my watch at 5:30 p.m.  That was 4:30 p.m. CST when just 12 years earlier, we were ending the wedding.  I put this picture with this caption on Facebook. 
"12 years ago, at this moment, we were being pronounced man and wife. Now, he sacrifices his incredible night to just be daddy! What a good man I married."

Through it all, he was just as happy as could be.  The Dr. kept saying, "I can't believe he is smiling as sick as he is!"  He never cried once.  He was so sleepy and felt so bad but he just smiled anytime he was looked at our talked to. 

We ended up being gone for 4 hours.  It was a LONG night.  But, thankfully, our baby boy got the medicines he needed and is on the mend.  We have to go back to the doc this morning for a recheck of his breathing.  He is resting very good right now.  I'll wake him in a few minutes to get him ready.  

We pulled into the garage and were greeted with this sign made my Jonah and Ms. Mandy.  Notice Daddy on the bottom.  Jonah gave him a bow?!?!  We thought that was funny until we discovered he gave me NO hair.  Hee Hee!

 I'm really sad that our night didn't work out as planned.  I'm sad that Dan's dream of seeing Bon Jovi in concert didn't happen.  I'm sad that our little boy is sick.  But, I'm so grateful that our love is one that doesn't need a holiday to remind us how blessed we are.  I'm glad that gifts aren't what make our relationship.  I'm glad that our mommy/daddy intuition kicked into high gear and helped us make the right decision.  I'm glad that even on a night with sick kids and beautiful memories of a wedding 12 years ago, that we could hold hands, pray together and thank God for our beautiful history and ask Him for grace and guidance for our future.  What a beautiful and almost perfect night!

P.S.  And, for the rest of the Wicked story...Would you believe that we woke up one morning back in March to an email from two incredible friends with a Ticketmaster Order for two tickets to WICKED???  We were seriously blown away! It was a fabulous show!!!!

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