Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-Memorial Day Fun

We got home from lunch just in time to dress our little boys in their cute little swim duds then headed out the door to meet several friends for a little pre-Memorial Day party. 

 We got there and Jonah was ready to get in the pool.  He got to swim for the first time yesterday and he is HOOKED.  Our pool has been ready since March but he had to stay out of the water due to his ear.  Now that he has the temporary plug, he is itching to swim every chance he gets.  Fortunately, Jack and Savannah were just as eager to get wet. 

Sweet little Sam

Savannah jumping in

Jonah jumping in

Eric plotting his next move

Ray and Kayla
 The kids (and the dads) had so much fun playing the pool.  So much fun that my child was asking to go to bed.  There is nothing like a pool to wear a kiddo out!

Owen and his water gun
 While all of the big kids played outside, my sweet baby boy took a 90 minute nap in Sam's bed.  I took him in Sam's nursery to feed him and rock him then just laid him in that bed.  I went back 5 and then 10 minutes later to check on him and he was just laying there with his finger in his mouth.  He finally fell asleep and slept very well!

Janna, Ericka, Renee & Rebecca


Jonah and Savannah
 After Micah woke up, he was thrilled to see his BFF, Miller.  Miller is six weeks older than him and he adores him.  He just smiles when he sees him.  They stare at each other like they really get the other one.  And, they play so well.  It seems odd to say they "play together" but they really do.  I love watching them.  One of my prayers for my boys is that they will grow up with Christian friends who have the same morals and values as them.  I want them to have accountability and support as they grow up.  So, when I see Miller and Micah interact, I think about the possiblity of them growing up together and "doing" life together.  I envision sleep overs, same ball teams, church camp, UF/MS State football games, pool days and lots of dirt.  (If their moms have anything to do with it, they will be wearing cute smocked jon-jon's when they do all of this!)

 Since Miller is six weeks older than Micah, he does things first then it reminds me that it is time for Micah to try those things.  While Micah has one tooth already in, Miller has none yet.  (Notice the look on his face in the last picture.  He isn't upset, he's feeling his first tooth come in.)  Even though he doesn't have a tooth, he can eat most anything.  The kid eats better than Jonah does at 4 years old.  So, they motivated me to give Micah his first solid food tonight.  He tried some of Janna's homemade Mac & Cheese.  He did pretty well with it. 

 While Micah ate his Mac & Cheese, Owen entertained us with a song on the Xylophone. 

Jonah and Paige

Sam and Miller

Aja and her sweet Milly


A very tired Micah

It was such a fun day with so many sweet friends and their kiddos.  We feel so blessed for the relationships God has given us here.  We were only here for five months when I found out I was pregnant with Micah so I had not made many close friends.  Then, I was SO SO SO sick that I hardly ever left my house.  But, since Micah's birth, a whole new world of friendship has opened up for our family.  Dan has a group of guy friends that he cares deeply for and I have developed this support system that brings me so much joy.  My kids get the benefit of this beautiful "community" and we do too!  

The people in these pictures certainly don't make up our entire "community" group but they certainly make up part of it and days like today are such wonderful reminders of just how blessed we are!

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Aja said...

We'll see how nice they play when they're on different sides of that MSU/UF fence! ;)


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