Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our wedding video

We just watched our wedding video with Jonah and Micah.  Jonah started making funny comments so I grabbed my laptop and typed them as he said them.  Comments in bold are added by me. 

Why do you have hair like that, Daddy?  (Meaning, I've never seen you with that much hair.)
That is your daddy, Pop?  I’ve never seed him before.
There is Melanie.  Where is Mr. Rob.  Why doesn’t she have Mr. Rob?  (The kid loves Rob!)
That’s Mimi!  Guess how I knew?  Cuz, cuz, cuz…her hair matches.
What are all those flowers for?
Did you get your wedding outside?  Because I seed a picture of you being weddinged outside. (I assume he means the wedding pictures that were taken outside that hang on our wall?)
This is finally the wedding. (He was bored already!)
Mommy were you embarrassed?  Well I was when I was walking in my spring program.
Where was I?  Why didn’t I get to come to your wedding?  (too soon for that talk!)
Daddy does have a mustache.  But, I don’t like whiskers.
(Listening to Dan sing)  That isn’t your’ real talk.  You talk different.
Mommy is that the ring you have on?
Why do you always want to be married to Daddy?
Why are you lighting a candle?
You’ve never lighted a candle before did you?  Why did you blow it out?
This is boring!
You did just kiss!  I don’t want to watch this anymore!
Are they gonna take those flowers back?  (He was very concerned about the flowers.)
Why did your daddy go to your wedding before he went to Heaven?
There is MaMaw.
I didn’t know Gigi came to your wedding.
That is a pretty wedding cake.  Are you gonna have a bite?  (I wish I had some now!)
Is Mustard for cake?
Is that mommy’s car before we got the red car we don’t’ have anymore
Why did you put mommy in the car?
Why did uncle doug get you wet?
Why did you close the door?
This is long.
I want to see Dr. Russ again. (She wasn't at our wedding, I guess he just misses her!?!)
Oh my goodness.  This is so long.  I forgot we were watching it. (ha!)
Is this the end?
Who are they throwing birdseeds at?
Uncle Doug had a big water sprayer to get Daddy all wet.

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