Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, we got Jonah registered for Kindergarten at the Public School closest to our house and we made it through with no tears....from me! That says a lot since I've been an emotional wreck about this. He, on the other hand, is thrilled!

Jonah starting Kindergarten has been the point of great stress for us. He has a late July birthday and we just weren't sure if we should hold him back or let him start. We've struggled. We've prayed. We've sought advice. We've blogged about it. We've Facebooked about it. We've stressed about it. We want to do the right thing but were just not sure what the right thing is.

But, a couple of months ago, I got a call from the director of his preschool telling me to PLEASE not hold him back. She said he is ready. She said there was no doubt in her mind or the minds of his teachers. Her only concern is how slow he is at meal time. She told me he would come home STARVING the first few weeks because he will not get to finish lunch since he is so slow. There was once another little boy who had that same problem. Read THIS POST and you'll see another Glenn who had to learn to eat faster. (While you are at it, feel free to giggle along with me about the stuff on that post! I just laughed all over again!!!)

So, we talked to his teachers a little bit more. We consulted some educators who know Jonah well. We talked to each other. We talked to God. We decided to go ahead with Kindergarten next year. Are we sure it is the right decision? Nope! But, we can always repeat if we need to. We don't worry about him academically. We worry about him socially. I'm in the process of enrolling him in a half day summer camp for a week and a couple of organized classes that will hopefully help him with confidence before the school year starts in August.

I am so thrilled with the school he will be attending. We met the nicest people while we were there. Jonah was upset because he didn't get to go to class. We assured him he can go to class next week when we go back for preview day. Hopefully he will still be excited.

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Penny said...

I think you're making a great decision! Another year of pre-k might end up boring him. And you will be surprised at how much he'll mature over the next year! Seriously! I teach kindergarten and I am continually surprised. I have learned to never figure out which one will need that extra year to mature, because they will make liars out of you by March. LOL


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