Monday, May 9, 2011

Jean Diapers

Whenever a person from a generation that precedes mine sees any new baby product, they always say "Well, it looks like they have thought of everything now!"  I've heard that HUNDREDS of times over the lives of my little boys.  If you have been around babies at all, you know that things are very different from when my parents brought me home from the hospital 36 years ago.  From bathtubs to car seats to toys.  Everything is different!

I have now officially said that exact thing myself.  The moment I saw the new Huggies Jean Diapers.  I said I have now "seen it all."  While I think these things are stinkin' hilarious, I never bought them because I didn't want a whole pack.  I just liked the novelty of them and was excited about taking a picture of Micah wearing them curious to see what they really looked like.

The beauty of having friends as close as sisters is that when they have baby showers and get gifts you like, you just ask if you can borrow or in the case of diapers, HAVE one or two of them.  My sweet friend Cathi graciously allowed me to open her newly gifted pack of Jean Diapers at her shower Saturday and take a couple for Micah.  

So, folks, without further adieu, I give you JEAN DIAPERS modeled by the (one day shy) 6 month old Micah.

1 comment:

rob h said...

Jean Diapers. Wow.

Well, I guess folks in Florida have to be able to get an early start on the proper apparel to be a Gator fan.

//runs from the room


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