Monday, May 16, 2011

The faith of a child

Just to catch you up on Jonah's latest ear issues, read this post from 9/2/10.

Caught up?  Good!  Jonah had the surgery on October 20, 2010 to have the tube removed.  We had to go back 6 weeks later just to be sure all was well.  But, it wasn't.  Micah was a newborn and the doctor said rather than being too invasive with Jonah at the time, she would continue to watch his ear and make a decision a little later.  So, after a few rotations of 6 week visits to check the ear, it was decided that Jonah needed a surgery to hopefully close the hole in his eardrum.  

There was too much scar tissue from that tube being in so long and the ear drum wasn't healing the way it should.  The surgery was to be April 27.  It would last over an hour.  They were to graft skin from somewhere else on his body to hopefully repair the ear drum.  His ear would be packed for 4-6 weeks and he would have no hearing in that ear during that time.  It was going to be bad.  

We got this news the same day Dan had is wreck.  He was actually on the way to the ENT with Jonah when the wreck happened.  To say it was a bad day is an understatement.  It started with the car and ended with the news of Jonah's ear.  We were devastated for him.  The recovery would not be fun and keeping an ear dry (from rain, the shower, sweat, etc) for six weeks sounded impossible.  At that point, the pool had been ready for a month but he could not get in it.  He went to the appointment that day hoping to get the go ahead to swim but instead was told about surgery.  Seriously, it was a bad day.  (He hasn't been able to get that ear wet since October!)

She wanted to see him one time for a pre-op visit before his surgery.  Well, miraculously, the hole had begun to close.  It had made zero progress in almost six months then in just two weeks it started to heal.  She decided to postpone the surgery and check him again six weeks later on May 17.  That day is here.  For six weeks, we have kept his ear completely dry.  He has begged to swim.  We've had to say no.  We have missed many birthday parties that had swimming or water slides.  He runs with his head tilted the right when it is raining.  He wears ear plugs in the shower.  We've avoided the beach and splash pads.  We've been diligent.  He's had antibiotic ear drops every night.  He's had oral antibiotics.  

So, tomorrow, we get the verdict.  Either the hole has closed completely or we schedule surgery.  I trust the providence of God.  My four year old doesn't understand that.  He knows he asked God to close the hole and he fully expects God to do just that.  He mentions it every time he prays.  He talks about it at random times.  He keeps praying "God, please close the hole in my ear and tell me when you do!"  He isn't worried.  He knows the hole is closed.  His dad and I are worried.  We know that God doesn't always answer our prayers with YES.  It doesn't matter how much we beg, he sometimes still says NO.  

The truth is, if he has to have surgery, we can handle that.  It is minor compared to what many parents deal with on a daily basis.  If he doesn't get to swim all summer, that will be tough, but we can handle it.  If he continues to miss birthday parties and we have to buy stock in earplugs, that is okay too.  What I'm not ready for is the possibility that my innocent four year old could be disappointed with God.  The day comes for all of us that we don't get what we ask for.  But, at four, that is a hard lesson to learn.  

Tonight, when I tucked him in, he said "Mommy, you ask God about my ear tonight so he will listen to your prayers too and not just mine!"  I'm praying his faith becomes sight tomorrow.  If not, I'm asking God to give us the right words to say to him. 


Barb said...

I will be praying too.

Avery's Mommy said...

Oh the sweet faith of a child. I love this: "God, please close the hole in my ear and tell me when you do!"


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