Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Cookies

The week before Easter, Jen picked Jonah and Mikenzie up from school, took them to lunch and then to Margie's house for an afternoon of cookie making. This has become a tradition of sorts for them. This is the third or fourth time they have done it. You would think Jonah's decorating ability would have improved with all the practice. It hasn't. He eats more icing than he puts on the cookies. But, he LOVES it! He mostly loves being with all those ladies who make him feel so special.

Micah and I stopped by for a visit and Micah enjoyed Colton's new swing. Colton is Margie's grandson who is only a few weeks away from making his debut into our world. Everyone can rest safely now that Micah has tested Micah's seats, swings and toys.

It won't be long until Micah is right in the midst of all the icing eating. I have a feeling Margie's "there is no such thing as a mess" theory might go out the window when this little guy gets his hand on those cookies.

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