Monday, May 9, 2011

Baskets, Breathing Treatments, Boys & Nana

The week before Easter, I took Jonah shopping at Target and let him pick out baskets and goodies for his teachers. He was very meticulous with choosing each basket for each teacher. He wanted to give them different things inside the basket but I talked to him about buying the same thing for each teacher so no one got their feelings hurt. When we got home, he helped me put the things in the basket and get them ready for the next day.
While Jonah was busy enjoying all the fun things that go along with the Easter season, poor Micah was enduring his first breathing treatments. He had an Upper Respiratory Infection and had to have these treatments every 4 hours for several days. He cried through the first one then just accepted them after that. Jonah, being the great big brother, sat next to him and comforted him.

Margie stopped by the next day for a little while. She got to love on both boys and even give Micah one of the breathing treatments. He grinned at her through the mask. For someone who wasn't too fond of babies, she sure has fallen head over heels for this little one.

It has been fun to notice Micah's development lately and to see him notice things for the very first time and then to practice a concept over and over until he gets it. I missed that with Jonah because I was away from him for work. I'm cherishing it with Micah.
I am not at all anxious for him to grow and reach new milestones. I want him to stay a baby. (and immobile!) With Jonah, I helped him roll over, learn to sit up, pushed him to crawl, held his arms so he could walk and cheered him all along the way. With Micah, I want to put a book on his back to keep him down.

I notice Emmett (2 weeks younger than Micah) sitting up completely on his own for a while today in the nursery. Micah can't even tripod. I don't work with him on it because I really am struggling with the him growing up part of it. Yes, I know he is going to. Yes, I know he will eventually sit up even if I never show him how. But, for now, I'm loving the infant stage and not feeling the least bit guilty that I'm making him lazy! ;-)

His 6 month pictures are Tuesday. Jonah was completely sitting up for his. I'm guessing Micah will be propped up for all of his. Maybe that sweet, one-tooth grin will captivate everyone so no one will notice that he looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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