Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where are my friends?

Apparently, mommy was rock and rolling this morning because we got to church way early! I walked into the baby room in the nursery and there wasn't a soul in there. No babies. No volunteers. Amy was out in the open area checking other kids in so I just put Micah down on the mat and walked out there to help her. I walked back in and he was looking around as if to say "WHERE ARE ALL OF MY FRIENDS??" He saw me, smiled then started scanning the room again.

Later in the morning, I got a text from Amy later in the morning with the second picture. She said "He's not alone anymore!"


Amy said...

There were more babies not even in the picture! He was definitely in good company! :)

Aja said...

Micah should know his friend Miller (well, really Miller's mommy) is always late! Another sure bet is that Miller and Micah will always match, at least that's what I hear from Mrs. Amy!


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