Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Together again!!!

Several weeks ago, our wonderful, sweet, caring, precious (insert any positive adjective here) pediatrician from home came to visit. Of her week long visit here, only one day actually worked for us to visit with them. So, we picked Jonah up from school and headed over to the Polynesian Resort to meet up with the Russ family. The first picture was taken with my phone. My big boy was so happy to see his friend!

We spent the rest of the day and late into the night with them. Annie, Jennifer's youngest daughter was SMITTEN with Micah and held him every chance she got. Kurt kept saying "she doesn't need Disney World if you will just drop the baby by here!" Jonah loved playing with the girls and telling them all sorts of things.

The three big kids all got their faces painted. Micah missed out on that fun...this time!

We ended our time together by having an incredible meal at Fish Bones on I-Drive. It was wonderful food but the company was even better. We were so happy to see them but sad to have to say goodbye again. But, we are getting pretty used to that these days. Lots of visitors means lots of goodbyes all over again! :-(

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