Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Now that St. Patrick's Day is almost a month in our rear view mirror, I decided to post the pictures. Our neighbor, Jaxon spent the day with us since his daddy had a meeting with his Oncologist. The boys played outside for the entire time. Dan did yard work while they played. Max followed them around in case they dropped gold fish.

When we went inside, I did laundry in Micah's room while Jonah helped entertain Micah. He cracks me up the way he stacks toys on top of Micah in his bouncy seat as to "play" with him. Micah just grins at him and lets him do it.

I don't know if these boys will always be close but I pray they will. I know the days will come when Jonah is annoyed by Micah and when Micah will feel left out but for now, I treasure the smiles they have when they see the other one.

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