Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another neighborhood critter

It appears that we live in the country...except we don't! Our neighborhood is full of the most random creatures. A few weeks ago, I was feeding Micah in his room while Dan and Jonah were working in the front yard. As I walked out of Micah's room, I met a frantic Dan saying "DO NOT OPEN THE GARAGE!" He went on to explain there was a rabid raccoon out there. Freaked out much? YEP!!!

I walked outside to see most of my neighbors out watching every step this thing made. The majority of us have children and pets so we were very concerned. As you can see below, we had reason to be concerned.
It ended up being a great night of neighborhood fellowship. We were all out there with our kids and stayed out there for over a couple of hours until the Police arrived. (Yeah, we called Animal Control but they sent an officer!?!?)


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That third picture is disturbing. lol


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