Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yard Work

Our yard has Landscape rocks in all the beds instead of mulch. Rocks last longer but they are a pain. And, they hurt to step on. So, Dan and Jonah are in the process of moving them. His goal is to move as many as he can around the pool screen and then get rid of the rest of them. When he got home from work tonight, he got busy moving them from the front to the back yard. Jonah helped him. He is a hard little worker.

Last night, they trimmed all of the palm trees and drug the branches from previously trimmed crepe myrtles to the road. That took a couple of hours. Jonah hung in there and worked the whole time. He did just as well tonight.

Micah basically hung out and smiled. He loved being on the back porch and watching everything. I was in the back part of the yard taking pictures for a new little business adventure I've got and would hear him giggle or coo every few minutes.

1 comment:

Aja said...

I'm officially impressed! Not so much at Jonah, but with Dan. Can you tell him to tell Dave that God wants him to replace the rocks in our beds this spring? Did I type God, I meant me ;)


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