Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A typical afternoon

Jonah loves to help with Micah. Sometimes I don't actually need the help but still step back to let him be involved. He does a really good job of holding Micah and feeding him but sometimes he just holds the bottle in his mouth. That is a little more difficult than actually holding him and the bottle because he has to hold his arm up.

One of Jonah's favorite things is "playing school." He loves to do projects. When Micah was born, Marty and Debra (from Vidalia) sent Jonah 10 or so "project books." He works through them all the time and usually does an entire book in one sitting. They range from writing, math, reading, mazes, puzzles and coloring. He loves them.

After we do "projects" together, Jonah usually watches TV or plays on his computer while I get Micah down for a nap. We usually just lay him in the crib and he goes to sleep on his own. Sometimes I want to rock him...just because. But, usually when I try to rock him at those times, this is the look I get.

They are both such sweet boys. I'm so blessed to be their mommy and to have these days with them.

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