Sunday, March 20, 2011

OUR Sunday afternoon

Our Sunday afternoons are very different from most church families. That is the day that Dan schedules as many meetings as possible in order to be home during the week at night. So, we usually tell him goodbye after the 2nd service and don't see him again until late that night. On rare occasions, he has time to have lunch with us. But, now many committees are choosing to meet during lunch right after church. Last Sunday was one of those days. The boys and I had lunch with four couples from our church then headed home for the afternoon.

It was actually time for Micah to go down for an afternoon nap but he was in a great mood and the weather was PERFECT so we grabbed a blanket and headed outside instead. Jonah played in the yard while Micah and I hung out on the blanket.

At one point, Jonah heard Jaxon over the fence. They usually hear each other then carry on conversations until one of the moms asks the other one over. That wouldn't work this time because I had to get Micah in for a nap and Jonah was still dressed from church. Church clothes don't necessarily mix well with Jaxon's huge built in sand box.
So, Jonah settled for playing with his little brother instead. And, that thrilled Micah. He adores Jonah and watches his every move. So, when Jonah came over to give him direct attention, he ate that up.

A large part of our time outside was spent trying to teach Jonah to throw the frisbee for Max. Man, oh man! I do not have the patience for that and Jonah does not have the arm for that. Poor Max got all hyped to have the frisbee thrown to him and it would sail about three feet away.

Then, when it wouldn't go the direction Jonah wanted, he would get mad. I happened to catch this picture right after he threw it, got mad, tripped, fell, threw something and then yelled "I'm FRUSTRATED!!" We had a nice chat about how to respond (without pitching a fit) and he did much better the rest of the day.

Then, he got sad again because he just couldn't do it. Truthfully, I'm not the best person for a frisbee lesson because it never actually ends up where I throw it. Maybe he would have done better with a different teacher.

Either way, it was a fun day outside with my sweet boys. I'm so in love with them and so treasure times like these. We sure miss Dan on Sunday afternoons but know he is right where he needs to be. Besides, that just means we get him the rest of the week!!

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Anonymous said...

nikki, they both are growing soo much.beautiful children. i know you and dan are soo proud. think of ya'll often and so does mom. have a great week. love ya'll debbie,johnnie,and ms.hilda graves


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