Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Micah's Monthly Update- Month Four

My, oh my! This little cutie patootie is 4 months old. He is so happy, fun and full of smiles. He really only cries if he wants to eat, sleep or be changed. At church he cries when he wants to be put down. He likes to be put down on the floor for some play time but that doesn't always happen in the nursery because people love to hold a baby. So, he gets a little fussy then.

He had his first sickness that required a visit to the Pediatrician. He had a double ear infection with bronchitis. While we were there, the doctor pointed out four teeth coming in. WHAT?? I'll admit I was a little sad about this. He is growing faster than I hoped. :-( Since that time, I've discovered another tooth so that makes five total. That could explain the hand in the mouth ALL. THE. TIME!

He is a mommy's boy who will smile for me any time I look at him. Just this week, he giggles when he sees Jonah. He's always liked him but it turned into a total LOVE fest this week. And, when he hears Dan's voice, his head almost jerks to find him. This little guy loves his family. Which works out well because we all adore him.

Before he got sick, he was sleeping up to 14 hours most nights. During that week, he slept in 6-8 hour stretches. That is actually very good but when you are used to 10+ hours at night, I felt like I was back in the newborn days. He is back to those 10-11 hour stretches now. He goes to bed wide awake and falls asleep on his own. He wakes up with a smile on his face.

He is rolling from front to back numerous times a day. The problem is when he rolls to his back, he cannot go back to sleep. He just can't sleep on his back. So, teaching him to roll from his back to his belly will be a priority! :-)

I'm loving this sweet bundle of joy that God blessed our family with. 4 months has passed entirely too quickly but I'm so enjoying seeing Micah grow and become the person God has created him to be. Slowly but surely, we will see that unfold. For now, I just thank God for sharing him with us and for the joy he brings to our lives.

  • Bouncy Seat
  • Bumbo Seat
  • Being on your back looking around
  • Being outside
  • Baths
  • Your hands in your mouth
  • Eating
  • Sleeping on your stomach
  • The sling

  • Sleeping on your back
  • Loud noises
  • Riding in the car
  • Wind in your face

  • First Ear Infection
  • First Antibiotic
  • Meeting Jimmy & Cathy Hibbs
  • First Baseball Game (Stetson University vs. University of Georgia)
  • FIVE teeth working their way in

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