Monday, March 14, 2011

Jonah's first Tball practice

Several weeks ago, Jonah had his very first T-Ball practice. I drove up and just smiled when I saw Frank out on the field practicing with the kiddos. He has certainly taken the "Grandfather" role with Jonah and is so very hands on. What I love most is that he was out there not only for Jonah but helping other kids learn the sport too. What a great man and great influence on those kiddos.
I was so impressed with Jonah's initial ability at this sport. His dad is a soccer guy so most of his outside sports training is in the area of soccer. He really picked up the ideas and concepts of T-ball and had a ton of fun that night.

Margie was there too and quickly offered to help out with Micah. I loved that because I got to be hands on with Jonah where I would have been on full-time Micah duty otherwise. It helped to have her hands there to be with Micah so I could watch Jonah.

The coach did awesome with the different drills to teach the concepts to the kids. The really cool thing was that out of 14 kids, there were 12 dads on the field helping. I loved seeing all of that parental involvement. What an investment in their kids lives.

And, just like soccer, Jonah's favorite part of practice was the water breaks. He ran full speed ahead each time they mentioned water!

Poor Jonah, the helmets they use for T-ball don't fit his head. The part in front of his eyes should have been much lower but wouldn't slide down on his head. So, we had to go in search of a helmet to fit his big ole head!

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