Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Brothers

4 years is a big age difference. As far as mothering goes, it has been the perfect age difference. Jonah understands Micah needing my attention. He was fairly self sufficient when Micah arrived so that has been a huge help. But, when I think of 5 or 6 years down the road, that 4 year age gap really will take shape. It is crazy to think that Jonah will turn 8 and then not long after that, Micah will turn the very age Jonah is now. I'm not so naive to think that the age gap won't cause many problems down the road for these two. While it makes life easy for me now, my days of refereeing fights and making Micah leave Jonah and his friends alone are coming.

I look at my friends with kids 2 years (and less) apart and wonder how they do it. But, about the time their kids start really getting along, playing together and making life easier for their moms, my true battles will begin. It's okay though! Because, you see, I keep taking sweet pictures like these to remind me (then) of how sweet life is now! They ADORE each other! Micah follows every move Jonah makes. And, no one can make Micah smile the way his big brother does. So, in 4 years, if you can't find me, check under my bed. I'll probably be hiding there with my laptop looking back at these pictures and video!


Lisa said...

My girls are 5 years apart and it really wasn't much of an issue. The youngest always wanted to follow the oldest and when the oldest remembered to be kind there were no fusses. (ha, as if she remembered to be kind very often) They had different interests sometimes, but it all worked out - that allowed one on one time and with two - you learn to divide and conquer!

Penny said...

My three girls are 3 yr. 8 mon. apart and then 4 yr. 1 mon. apart. I always knew I wanted them at least three years apart. Seeing my cousin with her 23 months apart kids just confirmed it. lol
I know what you mean about self-sufficient. Both the older girls started pre-school when the next born was around 6 mon. It gave me that one on one with #2 and #3 that they wouldn't have had if they'd been only two years apart. They also have different interests, so I don't think they fought as much as some because they were never playing with the same toys in the same time frame. Very little overlapped~ maybe Barbies. :) Down side~ we didn't have four bedrooms so the middle one had to wait until the oldest went to college to get her own room~ by then she was 15! Clothes (except for newborn classics) are not in style by the next kid, even if they are born in the same season. And uniforms were usually worn out. lol Some things lasted long enough to be passed down~ such as bikes and expensive baseball mitts/other equipement. :) Just write last names only on them and a phone # and they can pass them down. :)
Loved the dedication video. ;) Especially loved the pictures you took in his pretty church clothes.


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