Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jimmy and Cathy come to visit

A couple of weeks ago, my former boss and his wife came from Vidalia to visit us. This is their second visit to Florida and one could think I was such a stellar employee that he can barely stand life without me. But, pretty much, they just really, really like Jonah! (and now Micah!)

Jonah and I picked them up from the airport then we headed to dinner. Dan and Micah met us there. They were very excited to get their hands on that sweet baby. Jimmy never had much to do with Jonah as a baby because babies scare him but he took to Micah really quick. And, from the picture above, it appears Micah took to him!
I'm not sure how much Jimmy knew about Star Wars before they got here but by the time they left, he was fully indoctrinated! They had more light saber fights than all the movies combined.

This picture made me laugh...a lot! This was their mean looks!

It was a great visit with friends who we love so much! We even got a pretty fabulous Thanksgiving meal out of the deal. We love Cathy's cooking so she totally hooked us up.

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