Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life lately

It seems that the majority of my blog posts lately have been just pictures emailed from my phone. It isn't because I have nothing to blog but more because life has been a little crazy for us this week. Now, my little Micah is sick and that is consuming every waking moment. (and some of the ones when we should be sleeping!)

In the midst of this crazy week, we have been reminded that our ultimate job is to be good parents to our children. When they are our age, I don't want them dealing with the scars of their childhood. I don't want them wondering what they have to do to be loved by us. I want them to feel unconditional love from us that started as infants and NEVER wavered. I want them to know that just being our child is enough for us and they never ever have to "do the dance to get the hug!"

I want them to grow up to be independent, hard-working, God honoring men. I want them to marry a sweet girl who loves Jesus and then love her way more than they ever loved me. (That IS the way God intended it, ya know? Leave and cleave...) I want them to look back on their childhood and remember us being at their ballgames and taking them to Disney World and teaching them about our family traditions. I want them to always reference the marriage of their parents as their example. I want them to remember bedtime stories, chases around the living room and being grossed out by their mom and dad kissing. I want them to know that they can always talk to us and express their feelings. I want them to know that we know how to say we are wrong and then apologize to them. I want them to know security!

We were told just this week that you can "be the perfect parent but will never get any appreciation" when your children are older. I happen to disagree. I think any parent who devotes their life to their children and makes "home" a priority does get appreciation from their adult children. You see it on Facebook everyday. It seems that I daily see someone my age thanking their parents for the example they set for them or the sacrifices they made or for making their marriage a priority or for their level of integrity. So, rather than think I will never be appreciated by my boys, I choose to live a life in front of them that sets the right example and prioritizes the right things and honors my marriage and my family! Appreciation or not, I'll do it because it is the right thing to do! Being a parent isn't about appreciation.

I'll be back soon with lots of pictures and stories. It will probably be in between administering doses of Prednisone and Augmentin to my baby boy or snuggling my big boy up close to watch a movie. That may happen tomorrow or it may take a few days. Right now, I just need to be mommy!


Anonymous said...

I daily call/text/email my parents to tell them how much I love and appreciate them, and I am 20 years old! I look at the way world views relationships and hear people tell me "girl, lower your standards or you will never marry" and I can say with our a shadow of a doubt "HECK NO! My parents are madly in love and neither of them ever lowered their standards". They taught me from a young age what a marriage should look like. My parents never ask for appreciation, but as I look back at my life and the wonderful examples I have had, I can't help but say THANK YOU over and over again! You post is spot on! Praying your family continues to be God centered with great family values! :)

Anonymous said...


Penny said...

How sad for the person that thinks children never appreciate good parents. I am not half the mom you are and, through the years, I have been thanked by my kids for the different things I did right, situations I handled well, and for praying for them. Even the children of imperfect parents appreciate the things done for them and good examples that were set. My daughter just made a comment the other day to a Facebook friend about how glad she was that her dad and I raised her to be independent and self-sufficient and how she admired me for going back to school at 32 to get my teaching degree. Whether they say it or not, they're grateful. It is nice to hear/read it, though. :)
Jonah and Micah WILL appreciate you and Dan. I'm sure, in as much as they understand, already do. :)

Anonymous said...

Usually the people who demand appreciation and thanks are the ones who did not deserve it because of putting their own needs/desires ahead of their children. I'm feel sure I know who your post is about and in his case, it is so true. You can say all day long how much you love your children but actions are much more obvious than words. Real love doesn't demand or expect. His loss...really!

Anonymous said...

Is there a like button? I totally like the previous comment. How true.


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