Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy boys

I sat at my desk last week to pay bills and Micah sat in Jonah's bean bag to offer moral support. He cooed and talked to me the whole time. It was so sweet to look down at him and see that sweet smile as I was working away.

In the midst of our afternoon, we pulled a special surprise out of the car. The day before, I drove to Tampa to visit my aunt and her family and also to pick up something they got off of Craigslist for me. The week after Christmas, my cousin Brandy called to tell me about a Tampa Craigslist post for a Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Those things retail for over $150 with all the parts and pieces. This one was missing some parts but would be perfect for a 4 year old boy who LOVES Star Wars.

We called him into the living room and he immediately said "I LOVE IT!" He and Dan played with it for most of the day. And, as of today, it is still being played with. He loves it. It makes my heart happy to see him like something so much. We have gotten more than our moneys worth on this little toy and have only had it a little over a week.

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Malinda said...

Cutest. Boys. In. The. World!!!! And may the force be with you!


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