Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Dan

Today is the day I get to celebrate the birth of my wonderful husband! I love birthdays! Well, actually, I love birthdays of other people. I love to celebrate the lives of people who mean so much to me. So, February 9 is such a fun day for me. It is the day I get to reflect on the gift that Dan Glenn is to me. So, please indulge me as I take a few moments to talk about my sweet husband.

We met on January 16, 1998 at 5:56 p.m. and by January 17, 1998 at 7:00 p.m., I was TOTALLY smitten. I was actually seeing someone else at the time!?! I quickly ended that relationship and fell hard for Dan. Those were the days of long distance phone calls. Our phone bills were over $300 a piece each month. (That is over $600 a month between the two of us!?!?!) We fell in love over the phone. We lived 90 minutes from each other so the phone is all we had for the first 6 months of our relationship. Then, he moved 30 minutes from me. (Can we say "THANK YOU, GOD!")

I got do do ministry with him. I got to see him multiple times a week. I got to stand next to him in church. Then, I got to say "yes" when he got down on a knee to propose. We started planning our life together. We had big dreams and even bigger plans. Then, God called us to seminary and changed all of those plans. All of the sudden, our dreams changed and we began to chase after the life God had truly called us to. I've never been happier!!

This past year has brought many changes to our family. This time last year, we celebrated his birthday by spending the day at Epcot and then teaching Jonah to "get your teeth outta the way!" Little did we know that little Micah would be surprising us with his arrival the next month. Little did we know other areas of our family dynamics would change. Little did we know just how much God would bless us over the next year. But, there are some things I DID know. Some of them were true 13 years ago when I met him but all 37 (you know, in honor of his 37th birthday) are true now. So, read 37 of the reasons I'm so blessed to call him my husband!

1. He is incredibly disciplined.
2. He squinches up his eyes and nose when he sees me but can't stop to talk. I know exactly what he means when he does that.
3. He handles confrontation when most people cower.
4. He loves God more than he loves me.
5. He is a fabulous daddy.
6. He takes the hurts in his life and turns them into opportunity for growth.
7. He doesn't harbor bitterness or anger.
8. He cleans all the leftover dishes out and puts them in the dishwasher.
9. He puts me and our boys ahead of anyone else.
10. He is honest to a fault.
11. He does 99% of our ironing.
12. He puts lotion on my feet.
13. He takes care of the pool.
14. He takes Jonah to the bathroom when we are in public places because I despise public bathrooms.
15. He never complains about changing diapers.
16. He reads children's books better than anyone I know. His voices are incredible.
17. He knows how to work the 48 remotes to our TV.
18. He lets me open all the mail.
19. He browns the ground beef.
20. He is incredibly loyal.
21. He does the right thing even when it hurts.
22. He takes pictures without complaining.
23. He thinks I'm a great cook.
24. He shops with me.
25. He tells me I'm a great mom.
26. He knows when he is being a goober and laughs at himself.
27. He watches TV with captions on and no sound if I'm asleep.
28. He preaches a great funeral.
29. He serves our family.
30. He practices what he preaches.
31. He owns his mistakes.
32. He encourages me to do things I enjoy.
33. He values my opinion.
34. He never shirks his responsibility.
35. He moves on after being hurt.
36. He trusts me.
37. He honors God.

I'm blessed! I really, really am!

Happy Birthday, Dan! I love you!!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! You are indeed BLESSED with a wonderful husband and daddy!! Happy Birthday to one of my "top five men I know and love." lol

Malinda said...

Brother Dan is the greatest! I especially like the part about him cleaning the dirty dishes and putting them in the sink. I think you and I both know, that is TRULY the mark of a great man.

Penny said...

I love the lists (each birthday). #14- That's why the Lord gave you boys. :)
#16- That reminds me of my Mom. I read some of my childhood books to my grands and can still hear Mother reading them to me. She is an awesome reader too. I credit my love of reading to her. Your boys are blessed. :)
But the best reasons are the God following, family loving, wife honoring ones~ hands down.


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