Friday, January 28, 2011

Percussion Lessons

Last Sunday after church, Jonah got his first impromptu lesson on the drums. Craig was so kind to make my boy smile by spending that time with him. He loves Craig. He loves drums. It was perfect!

I captured this short 16 second video then turned the camera off when I noticed how obnoxious my laugh was. But, in my defense, you need to know the story. The first Sunday I was home with Micah, I asked Jonah how church was. His response, "I didn't like it very much!" What??? As I pressed him a little, this is the response I got, "It was too loud and we had to stand up too much. AND, I didn't know any of the songs!" Umm, how old are you? 96??? So, it has been kind of a running joke with us and Reggie. Our 4 year old is apparently already in a rut at church! So, when he was playing the drums last week, you can hear Reggie say "That's too loud!" HA! Then, you get to hear my awful laugh! But, the little boy in the video outweighs my laugh so you get to see it! :-)

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Amy said...

I love that last picture. Totally Craig. :)


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