Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our New Year Card

The week after Micah was born, I started working on his Birth announcements. I was waiting for the CD with images from his newborn sitting so I could order them. In the meantime, I also started working through our mailing list that I use for cards. I started with almost 300 names on our list so I knew I had to get that down some because that didn't include any friends from Vidalia.

As I was ordering envelopes, it hit me that I needed to make a decision. I either needed to make a combined birth announcement/Christmas card or order two separate cards that could be mailed together. That way, I was only having to use one stamp, one return address label and one envelope. When you send to that many people, you have to find ways to be a little frugal. I knew I did not want to combine his birth announcement with our Christmas card so I had to find ways to cut costs in another way. So, I did two separate cards but mailed them together. That way, Micah will have a copy of his birth announcement in his baby book that is all about him just like Jonah did. Just because he was born around Christmas shouldn't mean he doesn't get his own announcement. (Can you tell I'm a Christmas baby???)

Due to a printing error and then having to redesign a card, I didn't quite make the Christmas deadline. I ended up sending a New Year card instead. Here it is...

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