Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off to the nursery

Tonight was a big night for our little guy! He made his debut at Wednesday Night Supper and in the nursery. Minus the Dennis Jernigan concert and the Christmas Eve Service, Micah has been home with me. I'm grateful I did that because he has remained healthy in the midst of cold and flu season. Not to mention the lady that stuck her finger in his mouth and rubbed his gums. Ummm....hello? Who does that to a newborn?? That pretty much sealed the deal for me on not going back to church until he got his shots. That happened yesterday so we were back tonight!

I was so very happy to be back. It has really been much longer than just the 2 months since Micah has been here that I've been absent. I may have been present over the last 9 months but I wasn't myself. I was so sick (and whiny, weak and miserable) that I didn't engage much. I was all I could do just to be there and many times I didn't even make it. It was good to be back and feel like me again.

I meant to take more pictures during dinner but ended up with just one. Melody held him for a while before we headed to the nursery. Of all the times she has seen him, this was their first picture together. I think this is the first time I have seen her since mid December. So, he has really changed since she saw him last.
We headed over to the nursery and I handed him off to Amy, our nursery coordinator. She has been itching to get her hands on him. I love our nursery and the people who work with our kiddos. Amy does a fabulous job so I don't worry at all about him in there. And, as I learned with Jonah, it is so good for kids to learn to love other people and be loved by other people in the church nursery. I'm glad he liked it in there considering he will spend lots of time there over the years to come!
And, being the obsessive picture taking mom that I am, I left my camera and they were kind enough to document his first night in the nursery for me. Which, as you can imagine, I loved!

Micah's little buddy, Emmett was in there tonight too. Emmett is a couple of weeks younger than Micah but they are going to be very close in size. I can't wait to watch these two boys grow up together. I'm sure Lauren and I will look back on this picture one day soon and wish they were that little again. There is one other baby boy in the nursery right now, Miller. He is a couple of months older than these two but weighs less. I hope our boys don't smoosh him when they play together!
I decided to take Micah's stroller so I wouldn't have to carry the heavy carrier plus all the bags plus keep up with Jonah. WISE DECISION!!! I'll be doing that regularly! I don't have Dan to help me get in and out of the car or from place to place once I get on the campus so that came in very handy. I loaded him up to head out and Hannah came over to say her goodbyes. Her mom is our nursery coordinator so she will know "baby Micah" very well!

It was a great night for our little guy...and his mommy! I so enjoyed being back in church and worshipping with my Stetson family. And, I have missed hearing my favorite preacher. I liked him so much, I decided to follow him home tonight! :-)

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