Friday, January 14, 2011

More about Gator Bowl Weekend

Now that the Gator Bowl is over 2 weeks ago, I feel it is time to finish blogging about it. I wish I could say this will catch me up but I still have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to do. Whew! Documenting our life sure takes time. I'll get there click of the keyboard at a time.
It was interesting to have a 6 week and 7 week old in the house at the same time. Babies are time consuming and hands on but it was never stressful. Things just clicked and the babies did great. One day they will be big buddies but for now, they just stared at each other. Micah was sweet enough to share all of this things with Maggie and she was sweet enough to not complain about the lack of pink and abundance of blue.
Jonah was just happy to have his "best friend" Rob. When Jonah was almost 6 months old, he met Rob and Melanie for the first time. Although he doesn't remember it, he bonded with Rob that weekend too. But, nothing compared to the love fest this time. He cried his heart out the night he had to tell them goodbye. He has cried a few times since they left. To say he adores Rob is really a huge understatement!

I couldn't blog about Gator Bowl weekend without including this picture. Totally cracks me up! The guys got ready to leave for the parade and battle of the bands in Jacksonville on Friday when we made fun of their coordinating shirts. This was as close as they would stand to each other to avoid looking too friendly. Don't they look all cute a matchy?!?!
And then these two kiddos cracked us up just a few hours later. We were sitting next to the door leading to the patio with both babies. We looked up and they both had these looks on their faces with their pacifiers in the same spot. They were looking at us as if to say "HELP ME GET THAT BACK IN MY MOUTH!"
Micah then fell asleep right there on the floor and slept there for over an hour. Poor baby must have been exhausted! His arm stayed like that for a long time.
The guys got back home and we settled into the night when we heard all sorts of noise outside. Only then did we realize it was New Years Eve and those were fireworks. That's how old we are! Our idea of an exciting evening was snuggling with our new babies and hanging out inside! Whoo-hoo! Party animals! :-)

Dan and Rob went outside to watch then Dan came inside to say "I'm gonna wake Jonah up to see these Fireworks. They are great!" So, he did! Jonah had only been down for a little while but he was already out! Dan woke him and asked if he wanted to go outside to see the fireworks and he quickly said "Sure!"
I hope that is a sweet memory he will cherish. Nothing like getting woken up by your daddy, being wrapped in your Elmo blanket then going outside to see fireworks on New Years Eve. What a sweet daddy!

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