Saturday, January 15, 2011


Micah got to attend his last MOPS meeting on Monday. He got shots Tuesday so he will be in Moppets from now on while I go to the MOPS meeting. Rachel held him for a while. She is due with a little baby girl in April. She has twin boys at home. Our MOPS group has exploded with babies this year. There are lots of new babies and many on the way. How exciting!
We ended our meeting this time with a rousing game of Pictionary. I quickly grabbed my camera so I could document this rather than participate. Unfortunately, my team got stuck with me having to take a turn drawing.

We got Jonah from school, went to lunch with a few church friends, came home for naps then had a little family coloring time. Micah hung out in his bouncy seat while Jonah and I colored. Dan was out running and when he got home, we traded off and I went running and left him home with these two cuties!

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