Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Last Saturday night, we gave Micah a bath and GiGi came to the nursery with me to get him dressed. I certainly had to take a picture of him in his cute frog bath wrap that the Dungey's sent him. You can't see it, but it has his name on the back of it and I LOVE it!

I had to giggle when I turned around and saw GiGi sitting in the recliner with our other baby. He was so happy to get a little attention while she was here.
Isn't this baby boy just precious? He is such a happy little fella and I'm so blessed to be his mommy. I was so afraid he was gonna be "that" baby that everyone talks about. You know, the one that makes people say "If I had this one first, there never would have been a second!" But, I was wrong! He is so stinking sweet and such a cuddler! Am I in love? YEP!!!


Malinda said...

He certainly is a cutie! I need to get my hands on him. Next week good for you? ;-)

Penny said...

That is the little sleeper we brought Leon home in. Would have loved a dressy Feltman outfit, but he was a Feb. baby and it was soooo cold. He is adorable and I'm so glad God blessed y'all with a happy baby. :)
BTW We did say that about my last one~ she had colic for 4 months, then ear infections back to back for 7 more, then a blood disorder that required Prednisone. She was a miserable baby, but turned into the best child~ so no complaints. lol

Mitch & Brandy Ramos said...

I had "that" baby with Bella as you know. I didn't believe everyone when they said this too shall pass. It did! She is now the sweetest little one. She coo's and smiles. It took us a little longer to get to the good stuff but it was worth waiting for. Love Micah! Can't wait to see both boys today.


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