Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Celebration

A few nights before Christmas, we headed down to Celebration, FL for a little Christmas excitement. If you aren't familiar with the town of Celebration, click HERE to read about it. They really know how to put you in the holiday spirit there. From ice skating to Santa visits to train rides to snowing on Main street, it is all just magical!

Micah slept through the entire night but Jonah loved every minute of it. The snow was just pure excitement for a little four year old boy who wanted it to snow so badly on Christmas!

All of the shops were open so as we waited for the snow to begin on the hour, we went into a Children's store. Jonah immediately found a Star Wars book and plopped down on the ground to read. I had to make him put it away and go outside to see what would happen next.

Right before the snow started, a voice came on the speaker that told about closing your eyes and wishing for snow. Jonah did that then the snow started to fall. I wish you all could have seen his face and eyes. He was amazed!! After walking around the town, visiting shops, seeing Santa, watching the trains and playing in the snow, it was finally time to ice skate. Jonah was convinced he wanted to try it. His helicopter mom was not so sure about it. But, I lost the battle and he and Dan got in line to get skates.

He skated to his little hearts content. He held onto his dad for most of the trips around the rink but did manage to let go a few times. He was much more secure in the grasp of his daddy. Then, as I found a bench to sit on and wait on them, I heard the wails. Even though there were hundreds of people out there and I was on the opposite end of the rink, I knew those wails and they belonged to my little boy. I jumped up and maneuvered the stroller through the crowds to find this.
He was hurt and he was DONE! And, if you ask him even today, he will tell you that he never wants to ice skate again. He took a pretty hard fall on his bottom. I was afraid he might have broken his tail bone. I'm a bit over dramatic at times like these. Heck, what am I saying? I'm a bit over dramatic at most times...but especially when my little boy has tears flowing down his face.

Excluding the fall, it was a pretty fabulous night for our family. Micah slept through the entire thing and Jonah laughed, giggled and grinned all except the last 10 minutes or so. We got to experience what might be some of the only snow we ever see in Florida. And, it was pretty close to the actual Christmas Day, so I guess we can say that we had an ALMOST white Christmas.

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winstead family said...

i bought that EXACT shirt for blaisey! :) i can't believe it snowed in FL!


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