Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We came home from the Christmas Eve service at Stetson and quickly got the boys changed into their pajamas. Jonah was so excited about wearing pajamas with "shoes" in them. It doesn't seem that long ago that every pair of pajamas he owned had feet. He doesn't remember that at all. He loved these so much that he wore them for several days straight after Christmas. I washed them and he would put them right back on. Seriously, he was so impressed with the "shoes inside the pajamas!"

The first thing we did was let Dan open his book. If you don't know about our tradition involving a Children's Christmas book, click HERE to read about that.

Micah was already WAAAAAY past his bedtime so he wasn't all that interested or impressed with our Christmas tradition. He sat next to Dan in his Bumbo for a little while but I to get him out before the book was finished. He was ready for bed!!

I thought I would attempt some cute pictures of the boys. But, once again. the 6 week old baby boy was beyond OVER all the tradition and memorable moments.

In an effort to get through the Christmas Eve routine a little quicker, we moved to the kitchen to put out cookies and milk for Santa. Fortunately, UPS delivered a big box from Uncle Marty and Aunt Debra just that day. That box held a bag of homemade cookies. For that last few years, Santa has eaten cookies made by Marty and he is so appreciative of that. I'm afraid he was beginning to worry that I might make the cookies this year. So, when UPS arrived that day, we (and Santa) breathed a sigh of relief!

Jonah had to taste the milk and the cookies to be sure they were safe enough for Santa. It seems they both passed the test.

Poor Micah just couldn't hang on any longer. He fell asleep sitting in his Bumbo. That poor baby was so tired.
We got both boys in bed and then Santa came to visit our house. Each of them got their 3 gifts from Santa. If you don't know about that tradition, then click HERE to read about that.

Along with their 3 gifts, the each had a gift from us. Jonah had several other gifts to open from Dan's grandmother, aunt Susan & Uncle Glenn and his mom. Max even had a present in there.
As we went to bed, we noticed a note Santa left the boys thanking them for the cookies and milk. You'll get to see a sweet video showing Jonah's reaction to this when you see the Christmas morning post.
We went to bed a very happy and blessed mommy and daddy. Jonah was in full knowledge this year of who Santa is so he was pumped. Even more exciting was the full knowledge he had of Christmas being Jesus' birthday and the joy that brings all of us.

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