Monday, December 6, 2010

Stir Crazy

I am not a homebody! I do like an occasional day at home but too many of those in a row just about send me over the edge. So, seeing Dan and Jonah leave for church every Sunday while I'm home with Micah has not been fun for me. I've enjoyed the snuggle time with Micah but I so miss church! Last Sunday when they left the house, I told Dan that Micah and I might meet them after church for lunch depending on his morning. He had a great morning (as you can see in the picture above) so we got dressed and met them in the parking lot after the 2nd morning service. We got there after most people left but we did manage to meet a new friends from Stetson. Jonah was proud (as usual) to introduce him to anyone who came close to the car.

After lunch, I snapped a couple of pictures of Jonah in the front yard. He asked me if I was taking his picture because he looked so cool. I laughed and asked him where he heard that. He said the big kids (teenagers) all told him they liked his clothes and shoes that day.

I had to include this picture of my little chunk. Man, he looks huge here! I promise, he is not as big as he looks in all of these pictures. Maybe the camera really does add 10 pounds!!

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Penny said...

Tell Jonah that I think he's cool, too! Especially with his little glasses on. Precious.
And love the rolls on your chunky one. My last two girls were born weighing 8# 11 and 8# 15. It seemed that their newborn clothes fit better and they used their 0-3 longer. Plus, they fit in the crook of your arm and in your neck better. :)


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