Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rock Stars?

On Labor Day of this year, we went to the outlet malls in Orlando to do a little shopping. Jonah needed some winter clothes and Micah needed a few things to complete his 0-6 wardrobe. While we were in Carters, Jonah spotted several shirts that were for big boys and little boys. He desperately wanted 4 shirts that matched. Where 4 came from, who knows? But, he wanted 4.

Now, something you probably know about me already is that I really like to dress my boys. I'm super picky about their clothes. And, when a baby is a baby, I like to dress him like a baby. He has plenty of years to wear jeans and grown up clothes so I like to stick with the soft, babyish stuff. Notice I said "LIKE TO" not always do. You see, Jonah spotted these shirts (along with 3 others that day) and had to have them for "me and my baby brother!" So, I caved!
There was a pretty fabulous sale at Osh Kosh and Carters that day so getting them matching shirts was equal to getting just Jonah the shirt on a different day. He was thrilled to have something to match his brother. He wore his shirt to school Friday so when I picked him up, he asked if Micah could wear his "rocks star shirt" that afternoon. We didn't have anywhere to go so I redressed Micah to match his big brother.
Jonah made sure to tell me over and over that they were "Big time rock stars!" So, there ya have two rock stars who never touched anything musical all day! Guess it is easy to break into the business these days!

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Amy said...

Awesome. Love it.


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