Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Micah despises being wet and when one drop of liquid touches his bottom, he starts screaming. The other day, he started to scream so I knew he was wet. I put him on my bed and as soon as his body hit the bed, he went to sleep and stayed like this for over an hour. I unsnapped him to change him but decided to leave well enough alone. Apparently our bed has a calming effect. I'll remember this for future reference!

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Penny said...

I had one like that. That means he will be super easy to potty train. :) The one that wore cloth diapers and could have not cared less if she were wet/dirty, took FOREVER to fully train. (Like eight months!) The second took 3 days and the last (I waited longer with her) took one day. Can't take any credit for her, though, Cristi Welch did it for me. One day~ seriously. Heaven!


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