Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our expanding family

Just twelve days before Micah was born, my cousin Brandy gave birth to her second daughter, Bella. We live two hours apart and our babies haven't gotten to meet yet. But, last Friday, my mom flew into Orlando from Jackson and we had a mini family reunion. My aunt, cousin and her two babies offered to get mom from the airport then drive here to spend some time together. And, our kiddos got to meet. As best I could tell, they could not have cared less!

The older two, Jonah and Mia, well...they were a different story. The were excited to see each other and had a large time playing together.

I wish you could have been here for the sheer chaos of trying to take pictures of 4 kids. WOWZERS!!! There really are no words. We weren't even attempting perfection, we just wanted one that was decent. I woke Micah up from a nap so he was not at all thrilled. And, looking back at these pictures made me wish I would not have changed the boys out of their matching clothes before everyone arrived.

Here is my mom, her sister and their four grandkids.
Me and Brandy with our four kiddos.
Me and Brandy with our newest additions.
It was a fun, crazy, loud, exhausting and exciting time to all be together. Our family keeps growing but Brandy and I are both convinced our branches of the family tree is done!

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