Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our MOPS Christmas meeting was a couple of weeks ago and just so happened to be on one of the coldest Florida days in recent history. It also happened to be the first time I planned to take Micah out for anything official. Even though they offer childcare for our little ones, I took him to the meeting with me. Until he has his shots, I'm steering clear of the nursery. He didn't mind because as soon as we walked in the door, Margie got him.

Our meeting was absolutely wonderful! Rachelle Barnard (mother of 10 with #11 on the way) spoke and was totally inspiring, challenging, convicting, etc. There were not many dry eyes in the room. I left very challenged to be a better wife and mother who honors God in all I do.
Micah was super content to be passed from person to person. He landed in Krystal's arms for a while. She has a little guy who is one year older than Micah. His name is Jonah so he has inherited lots of our Jonah's things.
One of our MOPS moms knits the baby hats and cocoons that have become so popular for newborn photos. She had some with her in hopes of a newborn being at the meeting so she could try them on for sizing purposes. I gladly agreed to let Micah be her model. Dan walked in right as we got him all snuggled in this precious red/white cocoon and hat.

He preached a funeral that morning so he was very dressed up. I was obviously very not dressed up! I was going for warm over snazzy. It was COLD out there.
The next night was our MOPS Cookie Exchange at Margie's house. My contribution were some awesome peanut clusters that I totally did not make. I attempted toffee early that morning but it was an EPIC fail. When I talked to Margie later in the day, she told me not to try anything else because she had made 12+ dozen cookies for extras. So, she provided my with my 4 dozen. Yay Margie!

I have REALLY enjoyed MOPS this year. I've met some super sweet ladies and been both challenged and encouraged in my role as a mommy. If you aren't familiar with MOPS, you can click HERE to read about it. Stetson is in a rebuilding phase of MOPS but I'm so proud of the leadership and group of women who are involved. It has been a really good year and I've been sad to miss the two meetings I could not attend. I was in LA for one of them and had a doctor visit the day before Micah was born for the other.

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