Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mimi Visits

As you saw in a couple of other posts, my mom was here for a visit last week. She flew in to meet her newest grandson. While she was here, she stayed home with Micah on Sunday morning so I could go to church. Then, on Sunday night, we had a couple of Sunday School Christmas parties to attend so she stayed home with Jonah. That way she got some one on one time with both of the boys.

If you know my mom, you know she is a huge Ole Miss fan. She has an Ole Miss picture frame at home that she wanted a picture of the boys to go in it. So, she showed up with Ole Miss shirts for them. She obviously knows that Maroon is the preferred color around here but just wanted this picture for her frame, so we obliged. Hey, we are all about equal access around here! :-)

While she finished a story with Jonah, I took Micah to his room to put his Ole Miss onesie on him. I snapped this picture of him staring at the Vinyl wall art above his changing table. He loves that. He stares at it 90% of the time he is on that changing table. I guess it is the contrast of the brown and green.

We left our house headed to the airport about the time Dan and Jonah left for school. So, we snapped a couple of pictures then headed out the door. Jonah was sad to see his MiMi leave. He gets so attached to whoever visits these days because of all the attention he gets. When he got home that day, he asked who was coming next. I told him GiGi would be here next so now he asks every day if this is the day GiGi comes.

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