Thursday, December 9, 2010

Micah's Monthly Update- Month One

This time one month ago, my labor had progressed rather quickly and it was time to begin pushing. Two hours later, my little brown hair, blue eyed baby boy made his entrance into our world. I was completely unsure how to love another child. My heart was so full of love for Jonah and I wasn't even sure I wanted to share that love with two kids. But, as all moms know, it happened. And you moms know what "it" is. They hand you that baby and all of the sudden any fear you had went out the window. My heart was much like the Grinch on the day that his heart grew bigger. I was now the mom of two boys and I could not contain my joy!

Here we are a month later and I am 100% completely smitten. I can not get enough of holding Micah. I want to be with him all the time. I hate putting him down for a nap because I hate not having him close to me. Seriously, I am totally smitten!! The first month of his life passed way faster than I wanted it to. But, I'm not in charge of time and as much as I wish I could, I can't stop time. So, I'll treasure these days and make as many memories as possible along the way.

  • MOMMY- Micah immediately calms down when I take him. Jonah was always content with anyone but Micah certainly prefers mommy over any other person. I'm guessing that has something to do with me nursing him along with the formula feedings he gets.
  • BATH TIME- He loves warm water and would probably stay in it all day long if I would let him. Too bad babies aren't supposed to be bathed every day!
  • HAVING HIS HAIR WASHED- He has so much hair that it has to be washed fairly regularly or it looks like I combed vegetable oil through it. So, anytime we are going out, I do a quick wash under the kitchen faucet. He has yet to utter a peep during these hair washes. He opens his eyes really wide and just lays there and takes it all in.
  • RIDING IN THE CAR- As long as we are moving, he loves it.
  • PACIFIER- Jonah was never a pacifier baby and I was hoping Micah wouldn't be either. But, I'm afraid he might love it. We only use it during the day when trying to get him asleep or keep him content in the car seat. I take it out when he falls asleep and he seems to be fine with that.
  • VINYL WALL ART IN HIS ROOM- The big M on his wall captured his attention the day we came home and he hasn't quit staring at it yet. It is above his changing table and he stares at it as if it does something special. I guess it is because of the brown/green contrast.
  • CEILING FANS- Just like his big brother, he is captivated by the ceiling fan.
  • LIGHTS- He must be part moth because if there is a light, he stares at it until I move him away.
  • BOUNCY SEAT- His big brother never loved being in a bouncy seat but Micah seems to really like his. I use it mostly for me to get a shower when I'm home alone with him and when I am getting dressed each day. His favorite sound is the heartbeat while the seat is on vibration.
  • SPITTING- The kid loves to spit. For every gulp he takes from a bottle, he spits some of it back out of the right side of his mouth. DRIVES HIS DADDY CRAZY!!

  • BEING WET- We go through more diapers than any other family I know. The moment a drop of liquid hits his diaper, he cries. He can not stand to be wet. There have been days that I have changed 10+ diapers in an hour. If he is crying, we don't even check him, we just head right to his changing table. That is the upside to a baby who doesn't cry much, you know there is a reason if he cries.
  • SLEEPING ON HIS BACK- This baby boy makes me hate the "Back to Sleep" campaign going on. If we could let him sleep at night on his tummy, he would sleep right through the night. During the day, I let him nap on his stomach if he is right next to me so I can watch him. Oh, how I wish I could do that during the night.
  • NURSING WHEN HUNGRY- If he is starving (like in the middle of the night) there is no need to even try to nurse this boy. He wants immediate satisfaction so the bottle is all that works for him. I don't mind that because that means Dan gets to help with those late night feeds. :-)
  • BEING PUT IN THE CAR SEAT- Once he is in the car seat, he is fine but man oh man does he hate being strapped in.



Amanda said...

Look at you being all cute with your monthly updates :) Love the onesie! It's going to be fun to read about Micah over the coming months, because it sounds like he's already developing his own little personality :)

winstead family said...

he's SO adorable!!!!!!!! i loved reading this!


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