Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Micah's first trip to Disney

Our Disney passes expire on December 29 and we aren't planning on renewing them so we wanted one last fun day with the mouse! The weather was just perfect so we decided to take Micah along too. Jonah put on his mouse ears and told Micah all about Disney World and how much fun he was about to have.

We headed out the door feeling a little sad about our last trip there for a while. We haven't told Jonah that the frequent trips are coming to an end. So, he was still all smiles. I took these few photos as we waited for Micah's first ride on the Monorail.

Had I not annoyed my husband, I would have stopped for every iconic photo op since it was Micah's first trip to the Magic Kingdom. But, I restrained myself and took only a few.
Dan and Jonah went straight to the Buzz Lightyear ride to get Fast Passes while I changed and fed Micah. We all met up in Toon Town so we could see Mickey and Minnie. I HAD to have that picture on this trip. The wait for that is usually around and hour. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Since that wait was so short, we checked the time for the Princess lines. Jonah has always wanted to see them but the wait was always too long. It was listed at 14 minutes so we headed right over there. We ended up waiting less than 5 minutes. My outgoing little guy turned into a shy little boy as soon as he saw the pretty princesses. He made Micah go first.

He had a long conversation with Belle. He asked where the Beast was and told her he had a movie about her at his house. She asked his name and when he told her it was Jonah, she said "I've read a story in the Bible about a boy named Jonah." Then they proceeded to tell each other the whole story. It was super cute.

I don't know how much longer he will care about princesses so I was glad to capture these photos while he isn't too ashamed to like them.

Micah stayed awake a good part of the day but finally crashed as we waited to ride Pirates. He slept through his first ride at Disney.

The lady who took our picture for us was quite the photographer. She kept telling us poses to do and things to look at. This actually turned out very cute even though we were totally goobed out during the process!
We are all squinting because the sun was right in our eyes. That doesn't make for the best pictures.

We stayed only a few hours but had a great time. As we pushed Micah in his stroller, Dan said "we are THOSE people we always talked about who take newborns to Disney!" While I would never plan a trip to Disney with a newborn, living close enough to go for a few hours was perfect. He got fresh air. No one knew us so they didn't feel obligated to look at him and touch his hands. We all got exercise and the benefit of being together as a family.

We stopped at Red Brick Pizza in Altamonte for a late lunch and I undressed Micah and let him veg on the bench beside me. I may have had him a little too warm because he was sweating when I took him out of his carrier. So, when I fed him and left him in his onesie, he was so content.

Jonah, on the other hand, must have been STARVING! HE ate an entire 10 inch pizza and a cup of gelato. I still haven't mastered making sure both kids are well fed at all times.
It was a great, great day full of sweet memories! We hope to make one trip back to Disney to see the lights at Hollywood Studios before our passes officially expire. If the weather is warm enough, Micah will get to make that trip too. If not, one of us will take Jonah and the other will stay with Micah.


Amber said...

so precious! We took Jackson when he was 11 months, he actually turned one while we were there! :) the boys are so precious!

Cristi said...

Sweet pictures. But you do realize that Jonah is going to have some MAJOR MICKEY WITHDRAWAL dont you?

winstead family said...

you are ONE BRAVE soul! i shuddered to take blaise the grocery store at that age much less DISNEY WORLD! mom of the year award...goes to YOU!.


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