Friday, December 3, 2010

Micah's first real bath and other random pics

Most of you long time blog readers know we are HUGE fans of The Miracle Blanket. We used it with Jonah and he was a great sleeper from the beginning. I planned to use it with Micah but got a little scared with my sister-in-law told me that her third child HATED it. That was after her second child loved it. So, we were a little nervous that Micah would despise the very thing that helped Jonah sleep so well. But, thankfully, he didn't take after his cousin Audrey because he was fine the first night we used it. Granted, he usually does cry when we put him in it but he immediately settles down and we end up only getting up once at night.
He has become quite fond of his play mat. He lays there for quite sometime and would probably lay there even longer if a certain 4 year old didn't pester him so much while he was there.

The night after Micah's cord fell off, we gave him his first bath in the tub. Jonah was a huge help by pouring warm water on his feet and legs the entire time.

Dude loves his baths. He lays there takes it all in. He only gets upset when I take him out of the water or pick him up to wash his back. As soon as he is back in the water, he is super content all over again!

Then, sometimes he cries because he is wet and cold and put him in a chair to take his picture. Poor guy! Sometimes it is really tough having me for a mommy!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love his hair?? This is what it looks like when I don't use the comb. How cute is this??

He is beginning to have more wake time each day and I get to see those big eyes. He seems so serious so far in his short 3+ weeks. I'll be curious to see how his personality develops over the years.

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Aja said...

I just saw this post and wanted to revisit this time in Micah's life. Can you EVER believe you wrote that he seemed serious? He is so happy and such a smile-er. Serious is not a word I would use for Micah. Ha!


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