Monday, December 6, 2010

Micah's first babysitter

Last Thursday morning, I was getting ready for a BUSY day when the phone rang. It was our sweet friend Ms. Dottie. She called to check on us and then said "something told me to call you to see if you needed any help today?" I told her that I was getting ready for the day and was fine to take Micah with me but if she was itching to rock a baby, she could certainly come over. She told me she was on her way. As I continued to get ready, I found myself smiling at the way God works out even the most simple details in our lives. I didn't seek out a babysitter for the day but he provided one for me with me even asking.

It turned out that her call was not just helpful but very needed. As the day progressed, things got incredibly busy and things ended up on our schedule that we had not planned. Had Ms. Dottie not called, it would have been tough to get everything done. I'm so grateful for sweet friends who love our family and also listen to God's prodding to pick up the phone.

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