Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Picture on Christmas morning

I've made a concerted effort to take a picture of Jonah on Christmas morning right when I wake him up or when he wakes us up! The first two years, he was still in his crib and it was easy to capture!


Then, the third year, we walked in to his room to get him out of bed and he was already up playing. That was his first year in the toddler bed.

Last year was completely different because he woke us up! He marched right into our room and fortunately I had my camera right there.

This year, I was in Micah's room feeding him when I heard Jonah's door open. He walked into Micah's room and said "We need to go check out the living room!" I told him I had to take his first picture of the morning and this is the look I got.


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