Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick update

It is early on Wednesday and Dan is still sleeping so I don't want to wake him by spending much time on the computer. But, I wanted to update those of you who aren't on Facebook.

Micah is here and doing great! He was born at 1:06 p.m. yesterday and is pretty much perfect. His face is pretty bruised due to a bumpy exit from his comfy home but that is fading as time passes. He is a sweet, sweet baby just like Jonah was in his first days.

Jonah is having a blast at Margie and Frank's house and may never want to come home so we may actually still be a family of 3 but just with a different child! :-) He was totally smitten with Micah and will be just as great of a big brother as we expected.

I feel better than I have since March. I could tell a difference within moments of giving birth. I haven't felt sick or thrown up since yesterday. I could have babies all day long but the 9 months of pregnancy just about kills me. This has been a tough journey but as everyone knows, it was well worth the effort.

I'll post more later with pictures and birth story. For now, I've got a sweet little bundle of sweetness to feed.


Melinda Strickland said...

So glad everyone is doing great! I checked FB periodically yesterday so I would know Micah had arrived safely! He & Jonah will be so special together! We are looking forward to seeing all 4 of you in 2 weeks! I'll call after you get home to make a date! Love you all! Melinda (and Geo/Buddy)

Ethan said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing how quickly the pregnancy sickness goes away the minute you deliver?! I remember enjoying my first post-delivery meal like it was gourmet, even though it was hospital food just because I wasn't sick anymore! God bless! -Lauren Horton

Barb said...

I'm so excited for you all. Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing stories about how Jonah interacts with Micah on a daily basis - I'm pretty sure you're gonna have some funny tales to tell. :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT! So happy you feel better, it has been a LONG nine months for you and I am glad it has come to such a wonderful end. Micah is just beautiful ( just like Jonah ) and will bless us just as much as Jonah does! I'm glad he is having fun at Margie and Franks house...knew he would. Rest and take care of yourself. Love to you all!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I just got done looking at FB pics and was just tearing up! Ya'll have such an amazing story and have been blessed beyond belief. Who would have known a few years ago that ya'll would be blessed with Jonah, then to again be blessed with Micah! Those boys are so lucky to have such amazing Godly parents. I just can't help but thinking about how able & awesome our God is after reading this post;)


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